Your Newborn Session

We have three options for newborn sessions: an in home session, and both full and mini sessions in studio. Read below to find out which option is best for your family. Regardless, all sessions include family photos and also photos of just your baby.

Please book your newborn before your baby is born so that we can ensure we have openings for you!

*We are currently accepting newborn bookings for November 2023 and on.

November - 1 opening left

December- 2 openings left

January- 2 openings left

February and on- 5 bookings per month

Your Newborn Session

For choosing between in studio and at home, it all comes down to personal preference when making your decision. In the studio, your session takes on more of a traditional portrait look, where-as in home we take a more lifestyle approach.

In Studio

In studio sessions reflect a more traditional portrait. We generally start with family images, and then move on to sibling photos if applicable and then end with just your baby. We have a large variety of props, wraps, outfits and headbands to choose in studio and they are all available for your session. Pets are more than welcome in the studio, but it's recommended to have a handler come separate and take pets home once we are done with their part.

In Home Newborns

Newborns at your home take on a more lifestyle approach. While we do capture posed portraits we also capture some more candid moments of you in your home with your new baby. Pets are more than welcome to join in.

In Home Newborns are generally between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.

In Home Newborns are $425.00 and you'll receive about 40 images.

In Studio Packages

The Full Newborn Session is a great option for any family. It is approximately a 1.5 hour to 2.5 hour session- baby determines how the session will go! We base our sessions more off of set ups versus time.

Generally, we begin with family images and then move on to a sibling set up (if applicable). We will then move to set ups of just your baby. Generally for the full set up we will do about 3-4 set ups of your baby.

The Full Newborn Experience is $500, and you'll receive around 50 fully edited images.


The newborn mini session is an abbreviated version of the full session. It still includes family images, sibling images and then 2 set ups of just your baby. Baby images are done wrapped only or in outfits (no naked images are done during the mini due to time constraints). It is about 1 hour in time.

The Newborn Mini is $400 and you'll receive about 30 fully edited images .