Newborn + Fresh 48

Newborns are tiny, but the memory of those fleeting days should be big.

At AzkaLynn Photography, we know that newborn photos are once-in-a-lifetime. There is nothing comparable to the new, fresh, and loving bond between a mother, father and their new family member. We offer newborn sessions for those looking for simple posing with your new baby.  All sessions include family photos with your newborn. Newborn photos are best done between 5-14 days after birth, so it is best to book before he or she makes their way into the world. Message us today to see how we can create a customized session for you and your new family member!

fresh 48 vs. newborn

Fresh 48 is done, as the name implies, within the first 48 hours after birth. If you had a hospital birth it would occur while you are still in the hospital, and if you had a home birth we would come to your home in the first day or two after birth. It is very lifestyle, and captures those first few moments as a family. We encourage moms to get a matching robe/wrap set as you can see above.

Newborns take place in the first 7-14 days and are more styled. We will provide wraps, headbands, furs, layers, and crates to use for your session. Baby is posed, as opposed to Fresh 48 where we generally just capture baby in your arms and in its bassinet. 

Many families do both! If you are deciding between the two sessions, it's completely personal preference. Both sessions provide wonderful memories! 



Although anytime in these first two weeks is good, the prime time that we prefer is 5-14 days after birth, which is for a few reasons. We consider the first few days prime bonding time, so we don't want to do anything to interrupt that. Also, during this time your babies head is rounding out and birth trauma (like eye bruising, etc.) is still healing. Although these will continue to heal long past this mark, they may be less pronounced and more easily smoothed out.

At about 14 days many babies (my own included!) develop baby acne. They also are awake a little more, and sleepy babies are usually happy babies.


We offer both in-stuido and at home newborn sessions! There is a small travel fee for sessions 25+ miles outside of 44070. We can still bring a small variety of props for in-home sessions as well.


Yes! We have over 50 wraps, 25 headbands, outfits, baskets, crates, furs, layers, and anything else you can imagine! Each session has a custom styled set to fit your preferences.

For girls we have your traditional pinks, and then we also have more organic sets, with florals and greenery. For boys we generally use neutrals, like gray, navy, cream, and tan, that compliment are wooden crates and bowls.


Yes! family photos are included in both of our mini session and our full session. Generally we will do the whole family, just mom with baby, dad with baby, and siblings with baby. If we are at your home pets too can be included!


If you're in studio, we love having parents and siblings dress in neutrals or light colors to compliment our studio settings (bright, light and airy). Great color choices are a mix of solid color whites, light gray, light blue and creams. Dresses are great for postpartum moms since you never quite know what fits you day to day! For dads we suggest khakis/non-dress slacks, and a button down shirt or solid t-shirt (polos are not recommended).

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