Our new studio opened in June of 2018! It is a 1,050 square foot space equipped with a consultation lounge, two offices, a newborn area with changing table, a vanity area for you to get prepped in, and a beautiful natural light room for shooting in!


Our studio is located at 398 West Bagley Road, Berea, Ohio. It is inside of Williamsport Plaza, a large gray building set off from Bagley (located directly across from Berea Marcs). Our suite is 204 and can most easily be accessed by parking around the back of the building and entering through the main door located in the middle of the back. If you look up you'll be able to see very large windows with curtains and will be able to see into our studio- the door inside is located directly below this. Once you go up the stairs our suite is the first door on the right.

​Feel free to call us at 440-539-1245 should you have any issues finding it!

398 West Bagley Road, Suite 204 * Berea, Ohio 440.539.1245


Our studio is the perfect place to capture your new little one. We keep our studio warm, clean and with ambient noise to maintain a calming environment for both you and baby. We have over 30+ wraps, dozens of unique, handpicked props, and furs to create any set up you can imagine.


There's no better way than to celebrate your baby than by capturing them as they grow. We offer both standalone milestones and grow with me packages to capture every moment! Our most popular milestones take place at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.


Booking a wedding photographer is one the biggest decisions that you'll make for your wedding day. Therefore, we love for our inquiring clients to come in to our studio/gallery and meet us before booking. We want you to feel confident and comfortable in your decision!